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Kickapoo MTB Staging
12001 County Rd 1950 N
Oakwood, IL 61858
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About Kickapoo 

Located just 30 minutes east of Champaign-Urbana and a mere 15 minutes west of Danville, the Kickapoo Mountain Bike Trails and KMBC were established in 1993. 

There are around 13 miles of singletrack trail at Kickapoo, all of which is directional. Trails 2-9 are signed, as well as a more recent Trail 1 Beginner/Kids Loop. There is also a playground loop/jump run and the infamous Heaven & Hell.

Kickapoo Mountain Bike Trails offer a variety of challenges for every level of rider. Roots, rocks, off-camber trail, climbs, descents, and creek crossings: Kickapoo has it all. These features, along with KMBC work efforts, make these trails some of the best in the Midwest


A demand for mountain bike trails at Kickapoo State Park, along with a lack of state funding, led to the club forming in 1993. Park leadership agreed to allow volunteers to build and maintain trails on over 1,000 acres of land in the northeast corner of Kickapoo State Park. With the formation of Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club (KMBC), local trail riders can now safely and responsibly build, maintain, and ride new trail. KMBC also works closely with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, as well as the Kickapoo State Park Superintendent, to ensure that there is as little impact on the environment as possible. 

KMBC’s Work

Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club, with the assistance of park employees and local businesses, has constructed approximately 13 miles of unidirectional, singletrack trail, which have been mapped and signed by KMBC volunteers. In addition to this, map kiosks were constructed and erected at several different locations on trail in 2016.

In 2018 KMBC received approval to build a new 3+ mile loop adjacent to Trail 1. Work is planned for the Spring of 2019 and the trail expected to open late spring. This new trail will be built under old growth trees and have some nice views of the river.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to KMBC over the years.

MTB Staging Area

Kickapoo MTB Staging
12001 County Rd 1950 N
Oakwood, IL 61858
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